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how to get a flat stomach in a week

How to get a flat stomach in a week

Some of my readers have asked me how to get a flat stomach in a week. Getting in shape and having toned abs requires a committed change in lifestyle and there are no miracle solutions. However I am not one to discourage. There are a few tips I can share with you which will trim and tone your belly fast. You will see and feel the difference, even within one week.

thigh gap

This thigh gap madness has to stop!

Some of you asked me how to get a thigh gap. I have to confess: I had not heard of the ‘thigh gap’ before. A quick search on google led me to an assortment of pictures of underweight models with stick thin legs. These models have legs which are so skinny that their thighs don’t meet, hence the ‘thigh gap’. What I could not understand is why the hell would anyone want to look like that?

stomach bloating remedies

Stomach bloating remedies

Stomach bloating sucks. A bloated stomach will spoil your figure when you are wearing your new killer outfit. On top of that stomach bloating can be very uncomfortable and even painful. Anyone can suffer from stomach bloating, and having a flat stomach and washboard abs will not make you immune. Stomach bloating can be caused by diet or stress. Before I tell you the best stomach bloating remedies, I want to talk about the most common causes of stomach bloating.

how to shrink your stomach

How to shrink your stomach

You want to have a smaller stomach. Of course you do. A lean and toned body with a flat stomach is the figure you want to look good and feel healthy. You start doing crunches like crazy to make your stomach smaller. Your stomach still looks the same. What can you do?

Although crunches will tone your stomach muscles, doing crunches alone is not going to give you the figure you want. Do you really want to know how to shrink your stomach? Let me teach you a special exercise you can do anytime, anywhere.