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Weight loss meal plan

Diet is one third of the formula for losing weight and getting a flat stomach. The other two components being strength training and cardio. Diet alone cannot give long term results without exercise. The weight loss meal plan is based on the nutritional programs of professional athletes who need to maximise their body’s performance without gaining weight.

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8 best foods for weight loss

In general you want to be eating wholefoods and avoiding processed foods. You should also take time to understand the underlying principles of nutrition as set out in the flat stomach diet. However some foods can rightly be classed as “superfoods” and can be considered the best foods for weight loss.

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The flat stomach diet

The flat stomach diet is not a fad diet promising miracle weight loss. Fad diets are generally deficient in essential nutrients. They may deliver weight loss but this is often at the expense of your health. Further more they are unsustainable and when these diets are stopped, the weight comes piling back on. Fad diets are to be avoided. Instead you should eat according to sound nutritional principles which encourage the growth of lean muscle and discourage the storage of excess calories as fat. This key in understanding how to get flat stomach.
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