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How to get a flat stomach in a week

Some of my readers have asked me how to get a flat stomach in a week. Getting in shape and having toned abs requires a committed change in lifestyle and there are no miracle solutions. However I am not one to discourage. There are a few tips I can share with you which will trim and tone your belly fast. You will see and feel the difference, even within one week.

Now if you do not have a flat stomach it is due to one or both of two things:

  • Your body has fat reserves around your stomach.
  • Your stomach has poor muscle tone.

The best way to get a flat stomach is to follow a proper workout and diet plan for 3 months. This is a sure way to attain the body you desire. All you need is discipline and commitment.

Nevertheless, we live in a quick fix society and sometimes we are just not prepared to wait 3 months.

I week is a very short space of time. Nevertheless you can make a noticeable difference in even one week if you are prepared follow a strict diet plan and a short but tough exercise regime.

Burning off your stomach fat

A common workout myth is that you can spot reduce the fat on a specific bodypart. Unfortunately this is not possible. You are not going to get a flat stomach if all you do is hundreds of crunches. The only way to reduce fat around your stomach is to burn off your total body fat.

As you only have one week I would not advise embarking on a complex workout regime. You do not have the time for your body to learn lots of new exercises. In fact there is one simple exercise that I recommend which will give you the results you want.

Single best fat burning exercise

If I was to pick one exercise only for fat burning and muscle toning it would be the burpee.

Watch this video for a demonstration: VIDEO.

The benefits of the burpee are as follows:

  • You can do it anywhere.
  • It will raise your heart rate through the roof. This is when you know you are burning fat.
  • It tones the arms, legs and stomach.

The burpee is a staple exercise for soldiers and athletes all over the world. It is brutally simple and brutally hard.

Flat stomach in a week workout

The workout needs to be performed for six days a week. You can rest the seventh day. If you want to a flat stomach in a week you need to push yourself to the limit. It will hurt, it will be your worst nightmare and you will suffer. But you will get results.

The workout is simplicity itself:

  • 30 second of burpees, do as many as you can
  • rest for 30 secs.
  • Repeat 20 times for a total of 20 minutes

The afterburn effect

Now you may be thinking, how can you lose weight with only 20 mins of brief, intense exercise a day. The answer is that you are harnessing what is known as the afterburn effect, which is the secret to rapid fat burning. If you exercise in brief intervals of high intensity interspersed with short rest periods your body’s metabolic rate [the rate at which you burn fat] is raised through the roof to provide the energy that you need. This means that your body is burning fat as fast as it can. This is how to get a flat stomach in a week.

48 hour boost

Now the benefit of high intensity exercise is that your metabolic rate will be boosted for up to 48 hours after the exercise has finished. This is called the afterburn effect.

Contrast this with low intensity exercises such as a 1 hour jog where your metabolic rate returns to normal the moment you stop exercising

Studies have repeatedly shown that for rapid fact loss, high intensity intervals are the most effective, precisely because of this afterburn effect.

To maximise the afterburn effect, you must push your body to the limit during each 30 second interval. You will be breathing hard, your heartrate will be going through the roof and you will be covered in sweat. When you have finished you should be barely able to stand up. You will feel completely shattered but you can take solace in the knowledge that your body will be burning fat for the next 48 hours, whilst you are sitting at your desk, watching tv or even sleeping.

Where are the abs exercises?

As I explained, the burpee works the abs as well as the arms and legs. Try the workout and tell me your abs are not burning.

Diet for rapid weight loss

The best diet for rapid weight loss should exclude the following foods:

  • All sugar. This includes refined sugar and natural sugars. Avoid any foods with added sugars, honey, fruit juices, dried fruit. The only sweet food that should pass your lips are fruit.
  • All starchy foods like rice, noodles, pasta or bread. I normally recommend wholegrains like brown rice and brown bread but for rapid fat reduction you should cut them out. You can reintroduce them when you reach our target weight.

The only carbohydrates you should eat are vegetables.

Your meals should consist of lean protein and vegetables. You can cook and season your food with olive oil which tastes delicious and helps you feel full.

You need to eat 3 meals a day. In between you can snack on nuts.

Although fruit is good for you, fruit contains sugar and for rapid fat reduction you need to minimise sugar as much as you can. I recommend one portion of fruit a day. One portion is one  apple or banana or orange, or two plums apricots or satsumas.

Only for the short term

This program is only designed for the short term.

The workout plan should not be followed for longer that because it is not sufficiently varied. A longer term program needs to cover strength training and incorporate a range of exercises to keep your body well balanced.

The diet plan is very strict as it contains almost no carbohydrates. Many people will find it hard to follow for more than a week. A more sustainable diet can include carbohydrates as long as they are unrefined wholegrains.

This program is designed for solely for those of you who want to know how to get a flat stomach in a week.

This thigh gap madness has to stop!

Some of you asked me how to get a thigh gap. I have to confess: I had not heard of the ‘thigh gap’ before. A quick search on google led me to an assortment of pictures of underweight models with stick thin legs. These models have legs which are so skinny that their thighs don’t meet, hence the ‘thigh gap’. What I could not understand is why the hell would anyone want to look like that?

The thigh gap craze

Apparently there is a bit of craze for the thigh gap. It all began by teenage girls wanting to emulate painfully skinny catwalk models. The craze has spread through tumblr, facebook and twitter. Suddenly lots of young girls decided that they had to have a thigh gap.

Now I don’t know why anyone would want to look a like a skinny catwalk model. When I look at them in in magazines, with their jutting collarbones, hollowed out faces, limbs like twigs – I think to myself, does anybody seriously think they are attractive?

The simple truth is that he majority of fashion designers are gay men, and their ideal female figure is stick thin with no breasts and hips. Basically they like women who look like teenage boys.

What puzzles me is why some girls want to look like skinny catwalk models. It does not make sense to me.

Unless they are trying to attract gay men.

Well good luck with that.

What do men want?

I am not recommending that you live your life based on what men want. However there’s no denying that it’s nice to turn a few heads now and again. The fact is that most men want women with a flat stomach and feminine curves.

Every year various men’s magazines publish a list of their top 100 sexiest women for their readers to drool over. None of the women on the list look like skinny catwalk models. They are unmistakably real women, with curves to match. Do you think men care about the thigh gap? Do you even think the thigh gap has even crossed their mind?

How to get firm, lean thighs and look good in hotpants

Now scoffing at the thigh gap devotees is fine, but I am sure you all want firm, lean thighs so that you can look good in hotpants. I certainly do! Well if you have soft flabby thighs you need to do two things. Firstly you need to build some lean muscle to give your thighs some definition. Secondly you need to burn the excess fat away.

Do not think that you can achieve this with some ‘thigh toning workout’. You cannot target fat reduction in one part of your body. You need to force your whole body to burn fat. When you do this the fat will come off your entire body: thighs, stomach, ass and the rest of it.

I advocate a three pronged approach of weight training, high intensity cardio and a wholefood diet. The weight training will build lean muscle, the high intensity cardio will burn fat, and the wholefood diet will fuel your body with healthy nutrients which will not converted into body fat.

I have to warn you – when you start working out, your thighs may seem to be getting bigger at first. This is because you are building muscle under your fat. Muscle burns fat, so as you continue working out, you will find the fat melting away until you are left with a layer of lean muscle. This will give you toned, sculpted legs to die for. As an added bonus, you will also have a nice flat stomach. Hopefully at this point you will not care whether or not you have a thigh gap.

If you want to learn more about my approach, please check out my previous posts, specifically my flat stomach workout and my flat stomach diet.

Still want a thigh gap?

Let me give you a brief lesson in human anatomy.

Different people have different sized hips. Some people have narrow hips, some people have wide hips. If you have wide hips, it is more likely that you have a gap between your thighs. If you have narrow hips, it will be near impossible for you to achieve a thigh gap. So forget this thigh gap nonsense, and just focus on being fit and healthy.

Still want a thigh gap?

Have you not read what I have just written? Maybe you should read it again. Slap yourself [gently] on the forehead if you feel it helps. If you still really really want a thigh gap, I have one final suggestion for you:

Try riding a horse 8 hours a day until you become bowlegged.

Stomach bloating remedies

Stomach bloating sucks. A bloated stomach will spoil your figure when you are wearing your new killer outfit. On top of that stomach bloating can be very uncomfortable and even painful. Anyone can suffer from stomach bloating, and having a flat stomach and washboard abs will not make you immune. Stomach bloating can be caused by diet or stress. Before I tell you the best stomach bloating remedies, I want to talk about the most common causes of stomach bloating.

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How to shrink your stomach

You want to have a smaller stomach. Of course you do. A lean and toned body with a flat stomach is the figure you want to look good and feel healthy. You start doing crunches like crazy to make your stomach smaller. Your stomach still looks the same. What can you do?

Although crunches will tone your stomach muscles, doing crunches alone is not going to give you the figure you want. Do you really want to know how to shrink your stomach? Let me teach you a special exercise you can do anytime, anywhere.

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